Heat Print For Profit at Christmas

Christmas can be one of the most profitable times of year for garment decorators. With customers owning multiple Christmas jumpers, buying even more gifts for loved ones and with Custom Heat Transfers, you can expand your product range and heat print onto a wider variety of garments and accessories than ever before. If you're planning to sell products over the festive season this year, it's time to get started.

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How to Heat Print & Profit: Christmas Edition

Printing garments for the festive season has never been easier thanks to Custom Heat Transfers. And with UltraColour Heat Transfers, the profit margins are significant.


For example, you can make between £10-£25 profit per item just by using UltraColour Heat Transfers. Here's how.


Blank garment: £7-8

Custom Transfer: 20p-£1

Average cost to make: £10


Depending on your customers ad how you market your brand, you can sell Christmas jumpers for between £20-£35. Resulting in £10-£25 profit per item. That's not even considering all of the diferent garments and accessories you can decorate with a Hotronix Heat Press.

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Download the 2023 Christmas Trend Guide

As the UK’s leading heat printing supplier and manufacturer, we’ve got an insight into the upcoming trends for Christmas 2023 and which colours, styles, and designs are going to be popular this year. So we've put together the 2023 Trend Guide for Garment Decorators. If you’re serious about making profit through the Christmas season, these are the trends you need to consider.

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Download the Christmas 2023 Trend Guide for Garment Decorators
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The Best Heat Press for Christmas Products



Christmas can be one of the most profitable times of year for garment decorators. From personal Christmas jumpers to gifts for loved ones, you can easily expand your product range and profit from heat-printed garments and accessories. But which heat press is the best for printing garments for the festive period?


The Hotronix Auto Open is the most user-friendly and versatile auto-opening heat press on the market. Featuring interchangeable platens, dual timers, over centre pressure and more.

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How to maximise profits with transfers at Christmas

& Say YES with UltraColour Max DTF Transfers!


UltraColour Max DTF (Direct to Film) Heat Transfers are available in full colours with no outlines with a minimum of just one sheet! (& of course it's a gang sheet). 


During this LIVE video, Andy & Molly show you how to make significant profit on Christmas garments and accessories with your heat press.

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We have lots of LIVE events coming your way over the coming months. From artworking to marketing, pricing to application. Plus, we've got some exciting guests lined up to make sure you're able to fully maximise Christmas sales this year.

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