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Have you seen the changes to uniform decoration this year? The way you print school badges has changed forever. With UltraColour Heat Transfers, you can achieve detailed, full colour badges that can be ordered easily online, are cost effective and are applied to the  garment in just 12 seconds with a Heat Press.



With schools heading back in full swing, there are many opportunities for you to increase your heat printing businesses sales.


UltraColour Heat Transfers make the impossible possible. Offer your customers Full Colour designs available on a wide range of garments and take your business to the next level.


Products Include:


- Uniform with Full Colour School Badges

- PE Kits

- Branded Sweatshirts

- Sports Teams Kits

- School Bags & Backpacks

- and more!

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UltraColour Transfers are the world's leading full colour custom heat transfer. The latest innovation from Stahls' and Target Transfers.


This sought after heat transfer allows for unlimited colours and gradients within designs, allowing you to print more detailed and decorative designs (including that with a photorealistic finish).


UltraColour Transfers are a combination of the best qualities of screen printing and digital transfers. Get the soft, detailed finish of screen with the unlimited colour and gradients of digital.


The high quality of UltraColour Transfers means that your products can not only have more intricate designs printed for your products but an improved quality and longer lasting transfer overall.

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1. Upload your design to Easy View and order your Heat Transfers.

They will be manufactured within 2 days and sent to you ready to be applied to garment.


2. Pre-Press your garment to remove any moisture or creases.


3. Apply your UltraColour Transfer. Fuse for 12 seconds at 120°C.


4. Once the transfer has cooled, remove the carrier in one swift motion.


That's it! Yes, it's that simple.

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